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XR-1 Software & Support Service
€1 995,00

Premium software and business support service for XR-1, accompanying all HMD purchases.


Premium software and business support service for XR-1 Developer Edition, accompanying all HMD purchases.

What's included:

Latest software updates & upgrades, including

  • Ongoing performance improvements
  • Continuously expanding compatibility with leading 3D software tools
  • Support for new tracking systems
  • Additional developer tools
  • Latest eye tracking features and improvements
  • Access to mixed reality user interface
Business support services
  • Detailed guidance and support ensuring that the headset is up and running smoothly - including successful setup, use and troubleshooting
  • Direct access to Varjo's professional in-house technical support team - responses to all inquiries within one business day
  • Regular information sharing including value adding tips and use cases
License to use Varjo's 20/20 eye tracking for commercial applications

Varjo’s Software & Support Service is valid for 1 year from the purchase of the XR-1 Developer Edition. The service will accompany all XR-1 purchases. It is possible to renew the Software & Support Service to continue using the Varjo customer care services and to get the latest software updates after the first year. The validity period of the Software & Support Service can be extended up to 3 years by requesting the extension from support-requests@varjo.com after the purchase.